St Augustine romantic bed and breakfast

5 Ways to Show Your Partner You Love Them

Words are not enough when you’re in a relationship. To keep your partner happy and your relationship alive and well, it is important that every opportunity to show your love. It isn’t as hard to show your love as some would think. It is generally those little things that matter the most. By simply expressing how you feel in creative and meaningful ways, it isn’t hard to show your partner where your heart is at. Here’s five simple, easy ways to say ‘I love you’ with more than just three words.

1- Beach Walk

A walk on the beach as the sunsets, hand in hand with your lover, is an excellent way to keep both your hearts fluttering for each other. The endless miles of coastline that St. Augustine offers the chance to experience this leisurely romantic walk.

2- Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend at the St Augustine romantic bed and breakfast for yourself and partner. Leave the smartphones turned off and take the time to bask in the company of one another. Let the romance spark!

3- Romantic Dinner

St. Augustine is location of many upscale restaurants and those offering the perfect romantic vibe for your lover. Schedule a dinner at a restaurant and live the night away!

4- Send Flowers to Work

St Augustine romantic bed and breakfast

But, don’t forget the card! A doze beautiful red roses in a vase with a balloon, teddy bear, chocolates, and a card is sure to make her the happiest girlfriend or wife in the world. Although this isn’t exactly appropriate for men, it secures a ton of brownie points for them when they’re sending their messages of love.

5- Spa Day

A day at the spa is a couples retreat worth making. An assortment of services is offered at the spa, from facials and massages to pedicures and more. When you leave the spa day after a couples retreat, you’ll feel brand new both in personal life and your relationship.